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(C) Luxury and VIP travel agency. Vacations  in Italy, France and UK. Event, conference and convention planning. Memorable Honeymoons.





 Luxury and VIP travel agency. Memorable vacation in Italy, France and UK. Flawless Event, Conference and Convention Planning. Romantic Honeymoons for discriminating Couples.


About Us

With Roman Splendor and other special programs, Italicus ushers in a new philosophy of travel. We believe the experience of the individual traveler is paramount. Too often, the unwieldy size of group tours ends up reducing the wonders of an ancient civilization to a procession of pre-packaged moments, experienced en masse, with photos dutifully snapped between bus stops.

All the unique journeys we’ve created enable you to discover Italy on a human scale, in the privacy of your intimate party numbering just two or four. In an unprecedented opportunity, you enter the private residences of Italy’s most illustrious families, whose ancestors shaped the Renaissance and modern Italy.

Renowned art historians paint a picture of life in these palaces and castles throughout the centuries, and lead you through art collections rarely open to thepublic. On a number of occasions, the owners personally welcome you into their homes, invite you to dine, and regale you with stories of their family history and of the aristocrat’s life in Italy today.

Every evening, you return to an opulent setting that evokes the atmosphere of a palatial home . We have visited each luxury hotel where you stay on our itineraries to ensure that it meets our rigorous criteria. Upon arrival, you receive a personal welcome from the manager, and throughout your stay 24-hour service is at your beck and call. Many of the finest hotels bar groups and accept only individual guests, but because of the size of the Italicus parties, we are able to provide you with spacious and elegant accommodations at these select retreats.

We have selected each restaurant with equal care, judging not simply the artistry of its cuisine, but the beauty of its décor and the graciousness of its ambience. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always a special experience, paired with fine beverages and vintage wines. Naturally, every dietary request will be satisfied: simply inform us before departure, and we will customize your itinerary accordingly.

All travel within the country takes place in the comfort of your own chauffeured car. Your escort, a scholar with extensive knowledge of Italian culture, is available from morning to evening to illuminate the art, history and beauty of your surroundings.

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