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(C) Luxury and VIP travel agency. Vacations  in Italy, France and UK. Event, conference and convention planning. Memorable Honeymoons.


  Luxury and VIP travel agency. Memorable vacation in Italy, France and UK. Flawless Event, Conference and Convention Planning. Romantic Honeymoons for discriminating Couples.


Luxury and VIP Honeymoons in Italy


Italicus provides you with the ultimate, luxury, VIP honeymoons, offering you a vast range of programs customized according to your requests. We don’t give you simply some options, but we work closely with you, to create the memorable honeymoon you always dreamed about.

We specialize in Italian honeymoons, because Italy is the quintessential celebration of love. Its romantic music, passionate poetry and sensual films draw their inspiration from a magic setting of millenary history, breathtaking art, beautiful nature, warm hospitality and superb cuisine. In Italy, you and your spouse will be transported to a reality where heaven and earth seem to meet to celebrate your new life as a couple. In order to enhance your experience, we have taken great care in every detail.

On your honeymoon, you stay at the most elegant, old-world hotels, that have been host to presidents and royalty. Your suites always have magnificent views and the finest appointments. Your meals, at award-winning restaurants, are a la carte, and include a selection of the most renowned vintages. Your chauffeured limousine is available twenty-four hours a day, allowing you to modify your journey at any time, extending or curtailing one of the exclusive visits that are part of your program. On a number of occasions, you meet and dine with local princes and dukes, who welcome you to their historic residences, where you are their guests of honor. You are shown magnificent interiors, museum-quality art, and Renaissance gardens not open to outsiders. During your free time, you can choose to take golf lessons or some rejuvenating treatments. You can swim, play tennis, go shopping, or simply relax on your terrace, while you sip a cocktail before dinner. In the morning, you have breakfast served in your suite at your leisure. And you are always surrounded by smiling and professional people at your beck and call, who will surprise you by exceeding any expectations you may have.

Italicus. For your ultimate, luxury, VIP honeymoons.

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