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 Luxury and VIP travel agency. Memorable vacation in Italy, France and UK. Flawless Event, Conference and Convention Planning. Romantic Honeymoons for discriminating Couples.


Few have seen the true Italy. It is invisible to the hordes of tourists with their choreographed bus stops and hurried snapshots. It is hidden even from the intrepid traveller who walks Rome's labyrinthean streets alone, searching for the city's soul. 

We have created a unique luxury travel in Italy that will open this secret world to you.

Roman Splendor Exclusively for small private parties of just two to four.

A pilgrimage to the Italy of the great families who have shaped the country's history over the ages.

Princes, dukes, and marquises welcome you to the old-world palazzi and castles where they still live in the tradition of their ancestors. Rulers and popes, patrons and saints come alive as the aristocrats of modern Rome recall the illustrious figures of past generations. You hear dramas of passion and intrigue in the very settings where they took place centuries ago. And, as an honored guest, you are personally guided through art collections and sweeping gardens closed to ordinary visitors.

You may feel that you yourself are leading the life of a modern Roman aristocrat. You stay in the legendary luxury hotels long favored by presidents and royalty, artists and stars. You dine in stately private homes and at much-lauded restaurants where inspired cuisine and rare vintages meet their match in peerless views. And, in the company of learned scholars, you come to know the art, history, and beauty of Italy as intimately as if this ancient civilization were your own.

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