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Sicilian Palaces and Gardens

On this journey, you discover a secret and magnificent Sicily, a beautiful island whose breathtaking monuments are a testimony to three thousand years of history. You visit medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque palaces, walk through elegant gardens and, on a number of occasions, meet and dine with local princes, dukes and barons in their historic residences. In addition, you have an opportunity to admire Greek, Roman and Arab art, while you travel through a sunny Mediterranean landscape conducive to relaxation.

This journey includes:

  • R/T airport transfer (arrival in Palermo-departure in Catania)
  • Eight nights at legendary old-world hotels
  • Breakfast every morning
  • A princess as your host for the entire journey
  • Dinner at the Renaissance palace of a Palermo prince
  • Lunch at the Medieval palace of a Palermo duke
  • Lunch at the Neoclassical villa of a local Baron
  • Lunch at the Baroque residence of a Siracusa princess
  • Night tour of Palermo
  • Wine tasting at the estate of an Agrigento prince
  • Private piano recital in a Baroque garden
  • All visits and entrance fees
  • Two archaeological walks
  • All transportation
  • All meals
  • Tax and service


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