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Turn the pages of the Golden Books in Rome's grand hotels and there, in fading India ink, appear the signatures of royalty, heads of state, and towering figures in the arts and sciences

Grand Duchess Olga of Russia.
King Alfonso XIII of Spain.
Diana, Princess of Wales.
The Rockefellers.
The Kennedys.
Pablo Picasso.
Prince Rainier of Monaco, on honeymoon with Grace Kelly.
King Gustaf of Sweden, who so loved the pastries at his hotel, he invited the baker to abandon Rome and come practice his art in Stockholm.

There are other signatures, belonging to the stars of today, but they are guarded with the utmost discretion.

To these noble ranks, add your name.

At the heart of the eternal city, two legendary retreats–the Hotel Eden, first opened in 1889, and the Hotel Hassler Villa Medici, dating back to 1885–invite you to make yourself at home in suites of unrivalled splendor. Here, luxury is never ostentation. In every corner you sense the creed of these exalted hotels: the guest is sacred. You are surrounded by refined details such as velvet tapestry, French silk, and delicate linens. Murano chandeliers float, suspended from decorated ceilings. Intricate frescoes and gold stuccoes make the walls gleam. Mosaic floors and vaulted roofs recall the ancient Roman baths. Alabaster vases, antique furniture, and paintings of the schools of Tintoretto and Caravaggio–all evoke ages past.

Outside of Rome, in the medieval town of Fiuggi, you experience rejuvenation at the century-old Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte, whose interiors have graced the films of the most praised Italian auteurs. Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman hid from the world here while their love affair scandalized the censors of America. The hotel spa testifies to Fiuggi's renown as a wellspring for renewing body and soul, with a palette of treatments ranging from naturopathy and Shiatsu massage to oxygen facials and aromatherapy.

For a grand finale, as your journey winds to a close, nestle into a suite perched above the Mediterranean, in a seaside town beloved of Caesar and Tiberius as an escape from the trials of ruling the empire. La Posta Vecchia was originally built by Prince Odescalchi, in 1640, as a waystation for visitors to his castle, and later restored, in the nineteen-sixties, as the home of an American oil tycoon. Here, your windows are filled with a panorama of opalescent blue. Inside, sybaritic touches abound: a white Carrara marble staircase, perhaps, or a bath in green "cipollino" marble; a collection of Meissen plates, or a fireplace decorated with Luca della Robbia terracotta; seventeenth-century oak and olive wood furniture or Venetian-style mirrors and wardrobes.

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