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Heady, yet temperate, like the climate of its country. Such is the harmony of Italian cuisine, with its honest flavors whose simplicity belies the great craft behind them.

Herbs are introduced with care, so that they never become intrusive, but rather make their presence known quietly. Impeccably fresh vegetables are teased gently until their true flavors are released. Even the most sensual sauce is used sparingly, to preserve the balance of the dish.

It is a cardinal rule of the Italian kitchen that each ingredient must serve a purpose. Nothing appears on the plate but what is essential. And always the food remains true to its origins, expressing a distinct sense of place.

In the private homes and the award-winning restaurants where you dine on your journey, you taste the pure flavors of the Mediterranean sun, the warm, rich earth, and the coarse salt of the sea. You discover the handiwork of a chef who has justly earned a Michelin star with cuisine that weds flavor, aroma, and texture in delicate and unexpected ways. You savor the sincerity of traditional dishes from recipes handed down through the generations.

A feast may begin with zucchini blossoms filled with ricotta cheese and black olives, or a salad of young artichokes, sweet green asparagus, and leaves of pecorino cheese. You are invited to indulge in medallions of lobster atop wilted radicchio, or saffron-scented prawns on a bed of tagliolini. Grilled beef strips are accompanied by gooseberries laced with balsamic vinegar, and salt-crusted sea bass is fragrant with a light dusting of oregano. One night you are tempted by such fanciful creations as peacock paté and pumpkin-filled ravioli. The next day you find comfort in the old-fashioned goodness of deceptively simple fettucine with marjoram and baby octopus infused with citron.

All dishes are paired with the region's most coveted vintages, and all meals come with the grand finale of dessert, be it rich honey parfait, hot pear tart with cinnamon sauce, profiteroles stuffed with wild berries, or that classic of decadence, tiramisu.

Wherever you dine, the sweeping panoramas vie with the cuisine and the wine for your attention, whether you linger on a sun-washed terrace, looking down at the sea, or you watch the stars alight on the eternal city, from the roof of a grand hotel with a vista of Rome to all horizons.

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