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Italicus is a company established in 2000 to provide sophisticate travelers access to a beautiful and secret Italy that very few are fortunate enough to know. In three years we have acquired an excellent reputation in the travel industry, as witnessed by articles written in several magazines, both in Italy and in the United States, that celebrate our ultimate individual travel. We also organize the most exclusive conferences and conventions in Italy, where we offer our clients a vast array of unique possibilities, flawless service, and a hassle-free experience. We specialize in Italy, our native country, because we are the most familiar not only with its territory and logistics, but also with the way Italians think and work.

What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we are a young company, established by group of detail-oriented and hard-working professionals who love what they do. Moreover, we have a network of aristocratic friends who welcome our clients to their medieval castles and Renaissance palaces, both for conventions and special events. These princes, dukes and marquises, who are descended from kings, popes and saints, regale you with fascinating stories about their illustrious ancestors which took place in these historic settings. Thus, your business trip becomes an invaluable opportunity to discover a secret and breathtaking Italy inaccessible to ordinary visitors.

We are aware of the factors that make a convention successful: efficiency, the best technical equipment, impeccable assistance from all the people involved, comfortable accommodation, exquisite food and unique events during leisure time. However, we believe there is another essential element that is too often overlooked in our industry: the capability to give one’s best without any “huffing and puffing”. Clients should never be surrounded by “stressed-out”, loud or less-than-gracious organizers, because a calm and smiling staff is what allows clients to fully enjoy their experience.

Enclosed please find one of the many programs we organize, to give you an idea of what we do. Clients’ suggestions and requests are always taken into account.

Conventions in Rome

DAY 1: In the afternoon, meet an Italicus representative at JFK airport in New York (Italicus group desk).

Flight to Rome. Dinner onboard.

DAY 2: Breakfast on board.

Mid-morning arrival in Rome and transfer by luxury buses.

Arrival at a legendary luxury hotel in the historic district of Rome, with the city’s grandest monuments only a short walk away. V.I.P. welcome from the hotel manager. Private check-in. Accommodation in double rooms. Time to rest.

1:30pm Lunch in a private room of the hotel (appetizer, main course, dessert or fruit, tea or coffee, mineral water and sodas).

3:00pm Meet your guides (a Sicilian princess married to a Roman duke who is descended from the Renaissance rulers of Northern Italy, and a Roman count who is descended from the Medieval rulers of Genoa).

Enjoy an exclusive visit to the private palace of a prince whose forefathers were celebrated in the fourteenth-century poetry of Petrarch. This magnificent residence is one of the finest examples of Italian Baroque (visit will last approximately one and a half hour).

5:30pm Enjoy the rare privilege of a private visit to the Vatican, bypassing the crowds, in the company of scholars who will lead you through centuries of art and history in the oldest state in the world (visit will last approximately two hours).

8:15pm Arrival at the hotel.

9:00pm Opening night ceremony at a magnificent sixteenth-century palace in the center of Rome. Microphone and technical assistance included.

Cocktails and dinner (high-quality buffet, white-gloved butlers). Welcome by your host (a Roman princess whose family is the oldest in Europe, dating back to the third century B.C.) and a Roman politician (the Mayor or a representative from the Italian government).

11:00pm Return to the hotel.

DAY 3: Breakfast a la carte at your hotel.

9:30am Beginning of the convention in a reserved room of the hotel. Equipment and two technicians included.

[a guide and a bus will be available for the ladies who wish to shop.
Visit to Medieval Rome included]

11:00am Coffee break (tea, coffee, juices, pastries, mineral water)

1:30pm Transfer to an award-winning restaurant with untrammeled views of Rome. Lunch a la carte.

4:00pm A Roman duke descended from the fourteenth- and fifteenth-century rulers of Milan welcomes you to his country estate, which encompasses the ancient port of Emperor Trajan. He personally takes you on an archaeological walk by the sea.

7:30pm Arrival at the hotel.

8:30pm Transfer to a romantic restaurant with spectacular views of the city.

11:00pm Return to the hotel

DAY 4: Breakfast a la carte at your hotel.

9:30am Convention resumes.

[a guide and a bus will be available for the ladies, for a private tour of Renaissance Rome and some more shopping]

11:00am Coffee break

1:00pm Transfer for lunch to a Michelin-starred restaurant.

3:00pm Stroll through the Domus Aurea, Emperor Nero’s palace, during a private expedition through subterranean Rome in the company of two archaeologists.

6:30pm Make a visit to the Borghese museum, in the company of a descendant of the prince who put together this breathtaking art collection in the seventeenth century (visit will last approximately one and a half hour).

8:30pm Dine at a very charming restaurant that serves the best Roman cuisine.

10:00pm A night tour of Rome reveals her fabled chiaroscuro.

12:00pm Return to the hotel

DAY 5: Breakfast a la carte

Free day to explore Rome on your own.
Lunch not included.

6:00pm Transfer to the magnificent sixteenth-century palace of a Roman princess for a private piano recital (one hour).

7:30pm Arrival at the boutiques of Salvatore Ferragamo and Bulgari, two names synonymous with Italian style. View their latest collection during a V.I.P. reception that includes drinks, canapés and special surprises. The stores will be open exclusively for the members of the convention.

10:00 Supper at a famous restaurant serving the best of Roman cuisine in the most characteristic district in Rome. (A small group of VIPs will
dine at the most exclusive club in Italy, in the company of Italian royalty and other high ranking aristocrats).

As an alternative: Cocktail party with live classical music and gala dinner at the Renaissance castle of a Roman prince (dark suit and tie for men, formal wear for the ladies).

12:00pm Return to the hotel.

DAY 6: Breakfast a la carte.

10:00am Private transfer to the airport. Arrival and departure at approximately 1:00pm. Lunch on board

4:00pm Arrival in New York. End of services.

Cost per person depends on number of participants and departure date.

To contact Italicus please call 212-684 24 10
or Email to

You can also write to: Marco Praderio, President
Italicus, Inc.
400 Third Avenue
Suite 14A
New York, New York, 10016